Realms of Albina

There is only one thing that connects the nine realms together, and that is Albina. A middle ground where the different races can meet and travel to foreign lands.
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     Origins of Albina

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    PostSubject: Origins of Albina   Thu Jun 11, 2015 12:04 pm

    Two thousand years ago, there was nothing. Out of this nothingness, came nine strong and diverse realms. Each one of these realms started to specialize in a unique talent, different from all the rest. Over the course of one thousand and five hundred years the realms strengthened and grew, never knowing about the other realms so close to them. And then one day the Nabuns made a breakthrough. Not only did they find the existence of other realms, but they also started to build the system of connections that would be called Albina by people today. With Albina completed after fifty three years, the realms started to flourish to their fullest potential. Albina became a middle grounds where people from all the realms could go to for trading and a meeting place. In times of war it became the battlegrounds where many lives were lost.Times of wars and peace cycled over and over for years, bringing us to the present. With the year 2053, the annual celebration of the completion of Albina draws close. A long period of peace is in motion, after the Great War that nearly tore Albina into shreds. Albina is now once again a peaceful meeting place for travelers and messengers, and will be soon filled with celebration and fireworks.
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    Origins of Albina
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