Realms of Albina

There is only one thing that connects the nine realms together, and that is Albina. A middle ground where the different races can meet and travel to foreign lands.
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     Anna, Droya and Media, The Three Judges

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    PostSubject: Anna, Droya and Media, The Three Judges   Thu Sep 03, 2015 6:28 pm

    Name/Known Alias:
    (Awn-na) Anna
    (Droy-ah) Droya
    (Med-ee-ah) Media
    The Three Judges

    Anna: Seems 22

    Droya: Seems 21

    Media: Seems 20

    All female


    Anna: Synthezoid Teshuban

    Droya: Laranian

    Media: Erzoid Dalian

    Anna is the first piece of Andromeda. She is taller than Andromeda by a few inches and has a medium build like her. She has short white hair with a few streaks of purple. Her eyes are pale lavender. On her right ear is a blue jewel dangling with a matching necklace around her neck. Her skin is pale white and has faint seam lines showing. In some places on her arm, neck and shoulders are her parts showing from wear and age. Her normal clothes consist of a black skin tight tank top and black tights. Loose black cloth is wrapped around the spots where large amounts of her parts are uncovered. She has a cloth on her face that covers half her face and a pair of combat boots. Metal braces like parts are seen attached to her forearms and shins.

    Droya is the second piece of Andromeda. She is the tallest of them all, with the heaviest build. Her skin is stained a light red and her eyes are dark topaz. Her hair is black, kept in a short ponytail. She has scars covering her body. On her face there are two scars, one surrounding her left eye and one going over the right side of her lips. She has three small loops on each of her ears and a tattoo below her right ear of a coat of arms. The clothes she wears consists of armor that covers most of her body. The armor is made of the metal from Laran and is lightweight for speed. The same coat of arms design on her neck is seen etched into the armor. The armor does not include a helmet. A metal band with a small topaz is wrapped around her head.

    Media is the last piece of Andromeda. She is the shortest of them all and has the lightest build. She has long brown hair and large emerald eyes to match. Her hair is pulled up into a messy ponytail with some hair falling into her face. Her skin is the same paleness as Andromeda. Black runes cover her arms from her shoulders to her wrists. Her normal clothes consist of designs of leaves. Her shirt is mainly black with a silver collar. On the collar are two strips of silver fabric that goes under her arms to attach to her middle back. The main bodice is black with silver leaves spreading out from the middle. A pair of black tight capris with silver leaves at both the leg edges and waist. Black ballet shoes finish the look.

    Of all the three pieces, Anna is the most unstable. Her personality is harsh and blunt, leading her to be in fights often. Unweilding, if anyone challenges her, they shall be destroyed. Anna is a glitched version of the Alpha synthezoid model. Extremely broken, only one emotion can be truly felt on a natural level. Her rage is a force to be reckoned with. Her views is that the rules are never meant to be broken, no matter what. If someone does breaks them, she will rain a fire hotter than a dragon's breath.

    Droya is the second piece of Andromeda and the most stable of the pieces. She is cautious and thorough with her actions. Always seeking the innocence of a man, she will fight the other pieces with confidence. Of the three pieces, she is the only one that was considered "born", not "created". She has the most varied emotions and the least amount of mood swings. If caught in a battle, however, her personality does a complete 180. She becomes a bloodthirsty warrior hellbent on winning the fight.

    Media is the last piece of Andromeda and the most childish of the three. Being one of the first erzoids, her body is magically created and made up of pure energy. She is nearly as unstable as Anna, with a compassion to match the cold hearted piece's rage. Her stubbornness can only be outlasted by Droya's calm and steady mind. Of all the three pieces, she is the most consistent on finding the guilt of a man. She will fight to find it like a dog with a bone. She will trick people into revealing secrets and will use underhand tricks to get what she wants.

    With the start of the first synthezoids, reports of a white haired woman who wields fire appear. She is considered the last surviving Alpha model and slowly dying. Her components are severely outdated and attempts to fix her are scattered throughout her life. Nearly every sighting leads to a fight, often times with someone dying. She has strong ties to the realm Teshub, often going there in her free time. Her model is based off of a long forgotten queen from the realm Teshub. The queen is remembered as a just leader with a strong insistence to following the rules. She known to be the last ruler before the realms became connected. The forgotten queen was one of the first to be poisoned by the unstable realm, and shortly after died from her heart being frozen solid. Anna is considered a perfect replica of the queen, after her heart was frozen over.

    Sightings of her are found to always be stopping a fight that Anna has caused. Out of all the three pieces, Droya is the most recognizable and the most spotted throughout time. With strong ties to Laran, she has made it clear that it is a safe haven for the innocent. Wars has been started just by Droya when she attacks huge organizations which she deems corrupted. She is recognized as a perfect replica of an unnamed warrior who is a martyr to the Laranians. The warrior saved the people from an invasion from a long dead nation, saving the Laranians from being wiped out. When the realms became connected, the Perunians invade the realm to try to take it over. Since the warrior was the leader, the Perunians take her and publically execute her to seal the conquest. It backfires and they invaders were driven out.

    With the creation of the synthezoids, a competition of a deadly nature was born. The magic races became zealous and created their own version of the synthezoid. The erzoids were created, and like the synthezoids, they were highly unstable. Being created from pure energy, they often became walking bombs that would explode unexpectedly. Media is a replica of a Dalian girl who nobody remembers. The Dalian was known as a trickster. She was always pulling pranks and stealing things from people. Because of her innocent nature, she was never punished severely in any way. On her 18th birthday she was granted permission to travel to the newly created Albina. Her childish ways ended her in jail for theft of a precious necklace. Suffering in prison, the trickster died a few weeks before she would be released from harsh conditions.

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    PostSubject: Re: Anna, Droya and Media, The Three Judges   Thu Sep 03, 2015 6:56 pm

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    Anna, Droya and Media, The Three Judges
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