Realms of Albina

There is only one thing that connects the nine realms together, and that is Albina. A middle ground where the different races can meet and travel to foreign lands.
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     Andromeda the Executioner

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    PostSubject: Andromeda the Executioner   Sun Aug 23, 2015 12:26 am

    Name/Known Alias: Andromeda or The Executioner

    Seems 24


    Unknown (Not Recognizable)

    She has a normal height for her age and is considered medium build. She has long white hair that has purple streaks. It is kept in a messy ponytail, with some hair falling into her face. She has mismatched eyes, one emerald green and the other topaz orange. Her skin is pale and has black runes from her shoulders to her wrists. She also has a scar on her face surrounding her left eye. Her ears are pierced with three small loops each. Her normal clothes include a plain black tee shirt with a white vest over it. Her pants are normal black slacks with black combat boots.

    Andromeda has a calm and poised personality. She always thinks very carefully her actions and does not hesitates with her words. She is a natural born leader with only justice in her mind. Despite her kindness, some people find her to have a cruel and harsh side when dealing punishments. Though, these people are the ones who are receiving those punishments, so no one can really say if it is true or not. The title The Executioner was given to her for her role in the realms as the dealer of punishments, leading to uncountable nicknames describing her calm and unemotional personality.

    Andromeda is a strange person found throughout the realms of Albina. She is a race that is not recognizable anywhere in the nine realms. Mentions of her are found in all of the realms, way before the creation of the first portal. Years pass between each sighting, showing in a different realm each time. The sightings of her become more and more frequent to every year till the creation of the first portals. After that, they stop. There is a rumor that there was one sighting before the creation of Albina. This rumor states that Andromeda was found talking to who would be the head design of Albina before he proposes the idea to his colleagues. After Albina is created all of the sightings of her as Andromeda are found only at Albina. A strange thing, however, is the start of seeing her split into three contrasting people. The first person, or piece, was Anna. She was seen shortly after the first Synthezoids were created. The next was Droya. She was then shortly followed by Media, one of the first Erzoids, a magic created person in response to the science based races to show that magic races are just as good as them. Their ages seem not to change, and these three pieces have been known as The Three Judges for their constant interference of courts and punishments. They would fuse back up and Andromeda would become The Executioner, serving out the punishment that the three pieces have decided. Years pass and sightings of them slowly stop, to the point where people think they never existed. But rumors of them being seen pop up every year.

    (Note, this ability is only available to a Game Master. Andromeda is a Game Master ranked character and can only be used by the owner. The creation of a character that is multiple people is allowed, but fusing is not allowed. Andromeda will not be used in normal role-playing, only to deal with a problem.)
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    PostSubject: Re: Andromeda the Executioner   Sun Aug 23, 2015 7:21 pm

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    Andromeda the Executioner
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