Realms of Albina

There is only one thing that connects the nine realms together, and that is Albina. A middle ground where the different races can meet and travel to foreign lands.
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Ralmain Eldridge

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PostSubject: Ralmain "Enthüller" Eldridge    Fri Aug 21, 2015 10:18 pm

Name/Known Alias: Ralmain Eldrige / Enthüller

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Race: Nabun

Appearance: Usually wears a classy style of attire, usually wearing a white dress shirt along with black slacks and vest along with a black tie along with a pair of leather boots. When out and about he may wear for whatever suits his situation best usually sporting a Field jacket or his medium cropped trench coat. When out he could be seen with brass laden vintage motorcycle goggles fitted with night vision capability and his headphones for when tuning into his hip jams but also to hear what his comrades need to tell him.

Personality: Ralmain is often very kind to everybody he meets when in a calm state, but can be harsh to friendlies if there is any possibility that his men are involved in anything dire. His comrades often look up to him as a charismatic leader, providing a sort of calming essence when present in battle or in a tense time. Usually he is very laid back and calm whenever out of his rebellion persona in order to remain undetected out in the open.

History/Background: Sector 23 Ralmain’s mother gave birth to him after evading the sentinel unit, she hid with a family whom she knew had a doctor, and later that night, a concoffany of machinegun fire came from Block 183. Ralmain Eldridge was born to the sound of death. The morning came and everyone in the surrounding blocks knew there was nobody left. The block was swiftly cleaned by the sweeps the next day, but nobody dared to approach the dead block afterward. The realm that Ralmain lived in, Nabun, a technologically advanced realm where five countries reside Perina is the smallest country under the authoritarian rule of the Inclarius, a group of extremists that took over the governing body at the time and are itching to start wars with the neighboring countries. Ralmain Eldridge grew up in the slums, taking care of his mother, his father had dropped out of his mother’s life as soon as they learned that she had become pregnant. From the time he could understand how things worked the boy’s mind started right away. He took scrap that he would collect off of the street and create little inventions and gadgets to help with everyday tasks. At age 11 he was able to shoot targets with large caliber pistols from over 100 yards away, From there Ralmain started working for people on the street, completing small jobs such as acting as a courier for messages, and helping with supplying cheap tools. When he turned 16, he started working in a garage where he worked fixing vehicles. The shop provided cheap room and board as long as he works his hours. One day while through some scrap for parts he found a frame to an old motorcycle, While nobody was looking he took it and put it on a private stand of his, working on his own time to fully refurbish it to a pristine condition then add a few modifications that will make it better for himself. Eight months passed and Ralmain’s mother fell ill along with the entirety of block 182. After checking with some contacts and close friends who lived in the block he went around on his breaks for some sleuthing for the cause. While on break one day he found a truck, FluxCorp was written on the side. FluxCorp was a company that dealt in many repair and replacement of basic utilities. Walking by the vehicle he found there was nobody in the cabin, taking this as his chance he went to the back and opened the doors. Inside he found barrels of hazardous waste, a diluted note on each. Upon further investigation on the bottom of the chassis there was a tube connected to the waterline going into block 182. In shock Ralmain took pictures of the barrels of waste and left before he was caught and detained for espionage. Hurriedly he started spreading the information through various connections, informing them about the block. Days passed, a few families left the complex, but most didn’t heed his warning. before anything could be officially announced the mortality rate shot up for a single day. Everybody who was in block 182 died to a gas that was poured in throughout the building suffocating everybody in the building.
A few hours later, Ralmain was hard at work, putting some finishing touches on a vehicle that belonged to his boss’ friend, Vinnie, who told him to replace some parts and fix a part of the engine that wasn’t working right. After getting the car into a working order and cleaning it, he called Vinnie to tell him that he can leave the pay in the box and pick up his keys for the vehicle. As soon as he hung up his supervisor and friend, Yuri, came into his booth and delivered some grim news.The entirety of block 182 had been wiped out the night before. Yuri then said that he musn’t work right then and should go to his room for the rest of the night and he’d cover for him. Ralmain agreed gratefully, turning in his gloves to his station along with his visor, he went to his room, thoughts spinning around his head. As soon as he entered the room he went into the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror, the constant thought kept circulating in his head,”She Died.” He lost it and vomited in the sink in disgust of how humanity has sunk so low, but that was soon followed up by feeling the anger coursing through his veins, he looked back into the mirror and saw red before he punched the mirror shattering it into thousands of shards. On that night he swore an oath of vengeance. Nearly ten years had passed since that time, throughout he was working nearly around the clock, he rose in status, alas things didn’t get easier, new officals started taking over the business from the high ranks, enforcing the strictest of policies. Multiple times he fell asleep on the job, and he would eventually get caught, so the guards would brutally shove him out of his chair and start beating him senselessly, but not to the point in which he couldn’t work, this was his cause to loving coffee because it helped keep him out of trouble. Near the end of that ten year span he finally had enough money to start up his own business in the mechanics industry, “The Rusty Mechanic” he named it. He started small, by training a few apprentices over a few months, but then after he started getting the regulars he could afford to hire actual mechanics. Vengeance was his drive, he started collecting favors from multiple organizations and businesses that supplied him his parts and supplies, before long he had a full shop full of workers and staff so much so, they bought a second building to handle the business side of the shop, of course this was all a front for the band of brothers and sisters who oppose the people in power for all of their atrocities, they called themselves the Einiki. Ralmain took on many people and started to train them in hit and run, bomb wiring, and several other skills and tactics that he knew from documents he’s read and was partially trained in due to old vets from the old war who would teach him these things. In this period of training and development he mastered anything that can fire a projectile, taking favor to his modular rifle that is of his own design and creation. Ralmain Eldridge, callsign Enthüller, is a terrorist in the eyes of the Inclarius but a sign of hope to the people, before they all are eventually slaughtered like lambs.

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PostSubject: Re: Ralmain "Enthüller" Eldridge    Sat Aug 22, 2015 11:04 pm

Good character, history has problems with grammar but other than that, approved.
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Ralmain "Enthüller" Eldridge
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